Become Coaching

The Become Coaching programme will launch in London in spring 2017.

It will build the emotional wellbeing, resilience and self-worth of young care leavers to help them achieve goals, with a focus on personal development and unleashing potential.  Participants on the programme will be matched with one of our workers (trained in life coaching techniques) to work out what their goals are, and will then benefit from regular one to one sessions.

Our approach is underpinned by the view that all individuals have a natural urge towards growth no matter what has happened to them, and that our role is to help facilitate this. We will help young people to look forwards rather than backwards and will build on their strengths and abilities, while acknowledging the legacy that can be left by childhood adversity. Our team will support young people to develop coping techniques that allow them to navigate around or through crises, and to effectively balance negative emotions with positive ones.

More information on how to apply for the programme or how to refer a young person on to the programme will be available in March 2017.