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The Become Coaching Programme

At Become, we believe there is a world of potential in every young person. We believe that someone’s past does not define their future. We believe it’s possible for everyone to make positive changes in their lives. We believe it’s possible for everyone to become the person they want to be. If you work with care-experienced young people, we’re sure you feel the same way. If you know a young person who needs help to bring about positive change in their life, consider referring them to the Become Coaching Programme. Read on for more information...

Why Become?

Become has been supporting and giving voice to children in care and young care leavers for 25 years (formerly as The Who Cares? Trust). Our vision is that children who spend time in care have equal chances to lead happy and fulfilling lives to those who are raised in their birth families.

Our years of experience working with children in care and young care leavers has shown us that pre-care experiences and time in care can leave young people lacking in self-belief and aspiration. But we also know that when care-experienced young people get the right support, they can unleash their potential. That’s why we've developed the Become Coaching Programme.


Why coaching?

The starting point of coaching is that everyone has the potential within them to thrive.

Working with a coach is not the same as working with a counsellor, therapist or mentor. These professionals provide valuable interventions, but a coach provides something different. Coaching gives young people the power to unlock their own potential for positive change, by providing them with the tools to build resilience, improve wellbeing and understand themselves better. Coaching empowers young people to think about and move forward positively in their lives, by creating and working towards specific goals.

A coach helps a young person to think in different and more useful ways; a coach helps open a young person’s mind to new possibilities.

At Become, we understand care-experienced young people. The Become Coaching Programme aims to achieve profound, positive and sustainable improvement in young people’s wellbeing and give them the tools to shape their future with optimism and resilience.

We have two open evenings coming up in October 2017. For more information, click here.


How does the Become Coaching Programme work?

The Become Coaching Programme is free. It's a bespoke service for care-experienced young people aged between 16 and 25, which has been developed by Become in collaboration with experts in positive psychology and life coaching. Our Coaching and Support Team deliver the programme in-house, bringing a depth of knowledge and understanding about the unique challenges facing this group of young people.

Through one-to-one and group work, the programme enables care-experienced young people to:

  • create specific personal goals and work towards achieving them;
  • learn how to cultivate positive emotions, such as confidence, self-esteem and optimism;
  • learn how to build stronger and healthier relationships with other people;
  • develop coping techniques that will help them navigate around and through crises;
  • understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviour work together.


Our coaches support young people to identify, build on and operate from their strengths, as opposed to focusing on problems. Ultimately, the Become Coaching Programme promotes long-term resilience and improved wellbeing for the young people who take part.

When a young person is accepted onto the programme, they are matched with one of our coaches, who work with them in one hour, face-to-face sessions. These confidential sessions take place on a fortnightly basis at Become’s headquarters in Islington, London, on weekdays between 9am and 6pm.

Together with their coach, the young person will explore different areas of their life, to discover where they want to create positive change. They will then define their own personal goals. Each one will be specific - for example, a young person’s goal might be to feel confident and look for opportunities to meet new people, to become a doctor, to be able to run a mile in 8 minutes or to enjoy giving presentations at work. They could be short-, medium- or long-term goals. Working with their coach, they will map out the best way to reach their goal. Over the course of the programme, they will take steps towards achieving them.

In group sessions, they will meet other young people who have experience of growing up in care. These sessions will focus on learning tools to improve wellbeing – for example, learning how thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact, how to manage negative emotions and promote positive ones. These 3-hour sessions also take place at Become’s office in Islington, on weekday evenings or at the weekend.

A young person will receive 12 one-to-one sessions, and attend four group sessions. Their time on the programme will last around 6 months. The programme is free.