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Meet Kally

We asked Kally why she joined #BecomePlayers and chose to fundraise for us

We spoke to Kally, one of our amazing #BecomePlayers gaming fundraisers. Kally is an experienced streamer and has raised over £700 for Become!

Why did you start gaming for Become?

"I hadn’t been looking for a charity gaming marathon to do at all but it struck me instantly as something I could do since I loved gaming and I already had a base in streaming.

I spent 4-5 years in care when I was a young child before being adopted and my brother had just left care a year or so previously. Due to the time and my age, I never had the kind of support that Become offers and I really could have used it when I had been adopted. Everybody should have somebody to talk to. Being in care gives you a completely different experience to most people full of different fears and anxieties."

Would you encourage others to get involved?

"I would definitely encourage people to get involved either alone or as part of a team. Any amount you fundraise is going to help Become massively to help these care experienced kids/young adults! If you’re thinking about it but still need some advice, pop into the discord and have a chat with some of the more experienced streamers/fundraisers" :)

What's your top streaming tip for other gamers?

"Please do a test stream before your charity event; post your link in the Become discord so some of us can come out and help you tweak any audio or game issues if you’ve never streamed before. Having good audio is the biggest tip for streaming because you will get a lot of people lurking and if you have audio that’s not quite on point, it can hinder your stream a lot. 

In terms of Twitch, set yourself under the charity tab and as a Special event so you get more traffic and eyes on your stream

Split your streams up over more days and fewer hours. 24 hours is a challenge for sure but you should only do that if you live with somebody else who can keep an eye on you afterwards in my opinion."

Do you have any fundraising advice for new players?

"My main advice would be to set some goals and incentives to make the fundraising enjoyable for yourself, the viewers and your friends. Simple things like - a £1 donation means I’ll eat this weird flavoured bean. £5 and I’ll eat some sour sweets. Make the incentives accessible across all donation types. You want viewers with less money to be able to contribute too. I had an incentive of £10+ and I’ll put your name on the wall. (Those names are still there next to my certificate from Become!)

Share your link on Facebook/Twitter and any other socials you have. Whilst my friends on Facebook don’t all understand streaming, they do understand JustGiving and the reason I was passionate about the cause was clear to them. 

If you’re in any communities, get your friends there to come out especially if you’re in their discords. There will usually be a promo channel you can use."

Where can we watch your stream?

"You can catch me on my Twitch page twitch.tv/justkally"